The WSCJA trains and staffs WOA Cheer Officials for WIAA State Qualifying events.  

The main goal of the WSCJA is to train and staff a team of qualified, competent, and professional individuals committed to excellence in cheer judging.   Thank you for your interest in becoming a Washington State Cheer Judge! 


Individuals interested in applying can complete this form to start the process. You will then receive an invoice at the email address supplied. Once payment is received, access will be granted to the Updated Training Center above. New WSCJA Judges must shadow at one competition prior to being staffed for paid judging assignments.


Coaches can follow this link to request limited access to judges training for $25 per season. Coaches must have a google drive account to gain access through the end of the season. After requesting access an invoice will be sent to the email address used. Following receipt of payment, an email will be sent confirming access (within 24 hours). Please do not share with anyone as they need to pay a fee to our association so we can recoup some of the costs of this training. Each individual must pay for separate access. Do not share logins.


WSCJA Dues are $150 per year. Certified officials usually earn their dues back after working two contests.  WSCJA Judges work an average of 4 contests each season. Judging assignments are contingent on availability, willingness to travel, and test scores.   


It is possible that not all applicants will become members.




  • Must be a high school graduate to apply and at least two years out of high school in order to judge at the State Championship

  • Must be available at least 4 competition weekends and available to travel at least twice

  • Must have a background in cheer judging, coaching, or competitive cheerleading (Email with questions)

  • Must register with the WSCJA and pay $150 dues

  • Must pass online certification courses for each category you want to be certified in

  • New WSCJA officials must pass additional courses and shadow at one competition prior to their first paid judging assignment

  • Must pass WOA Arbiter online test with 70% or better

  • Must pass WOA Rules Clinic

  • Must pass WOA Background check (additional $10 paid to WOA through Arbiter)

Membership Dues Refund Policy:

The WSCJA will only refund the insurance portion of the training fees in the case that the judge withdraws themselves prior to the competition season. The judge forfeits the training cost and voting rights but will be refunded the WOA insurance fee of $65. In no case will the assumed judge be refunded the full amount of fees prior to their certification as a judge. The current treasurer will oversee the interpretation and application of the refund policy. Additionally, all refunds must go through the current treasurer and will be approved by the executive board.

Latest News

October 08, 2019

Score Sheet Updates

Many score sheets have been updated to reflect changes to the rubric. Score sheets and rubrics can be found at Below is a breakdown of the changes made:

  • Stomp - Jumps no longer required, Dance difficulty increased from 5 points to 10 points, Dance execution increased from 5 points to 10 points

  • Game Day Crowd Leading - Changed "Situation" to "Situational Cue Reaction Time.” Changed "Material" to "Situational/Time out Cheer Material." "Execution of Skills" changed to "Practical Skills" and added difficulty and execution sections under it at 5 points each.

  • Game Day - Fight Song and Band Dance - Added "Difficulty of Practical Skills" section for 5 points, reduced Overall by 5 points.

  • Cheer - slight editorial change, does not affect scoring breakdown

  • Music - no change

  • Individual - no change

  • Group/Partner Stunt - no change

Partner/Stunt Group and Individual Routine Time Limits

Partner/Stunt Group routines will be limited to 1 minute before a timing penalty is incurred.

Individual routines will be limited to 1 minute 30 seconds before a timing penalty is incurred.

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